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Healthcare Safety training is designed to keep you safe and compliant in the healthcare field. Our courses are 100% OSHA accredited and authorized. If you need healthcare related safety training, you've come to the right place. Let Easy Safety School provide all of your safety training needs.

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Back Injury Prevention More Less 1.0 $20.00

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This course is designed to provide general guidance for employers and employees about how to prevent back injury as a result of lifting and moving patients and residents. It may be useful in settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, board and care homes, and during the provision of home health care. Some of the benefits of back injury prevention include decreased injuries and costs, as well as increased efficiency and employee morale. The practical suggestions in this course are aimed at orderlies, attendants, nurses, nursing assistants and others who actually lift and move patients and residents.

Child Abuse More Less 1.0 $20.00

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This course is designed to teach workers how to deal with the many forms of child abuse. By taking and completing this course, healthcare workers will be made aware of how prevalent child abuse is in our society, and will be given the knowledge needed to identify cases of child abuse and take the necessary steps to ensure that cases of child abuse are dealt with and prevented in a proper manner.

Corporate Compliance More Less 1.0 $20.00

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This course attempts to examine corporate compliance in the healthcare industry, what is comprises, why it should be implemented, how it can be implemented and the implications of its implementation.

Customer Service More Less 1.0 $20.00

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Customer service plays an important role in almost all aspects of business. Good customer service is essential in order to increase sales (products or services) and compete in a market. This course gives you a basic knowledge of customer service, how customer service representatives can enhance the quality of customer service, vital points to remember when dealing with healthcare facility customers, and how service reps can achieve a reputation of good customer service.

Fire Safety More Less 1.0 $20.00

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Every year, fire kills more people than any other natural disaster in United States. According to OSHA statistics, in the year 1995, 200 people were killed at workplace from fires and explosions, more than 5,000 were injured, and businesses faced the loss of around 2.3 billion dollars. Fires create havoc among workers and demolish thousands of businesses every year. Fires lead to injuries, deaths and time away from work due to recovery, all of which severely affect their livelihoods. In this course we will look at the basic causes of fires, injuries, rescue measures, and how we can handle them effectively and efficiently in order to save our lives as well as properties.

Infection Prevention More Less 1.0 $20.00

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Every year thousands of people suffer from severe diseases and die because of various infections. Workplaces are considered as one of the places of infections transfusion. It is vital to understand infections, how they spread, and how workers can protect themselves from various lethal infections. This course gives you a basic knowledge of infections, how they spread, and what protective measures are essential in order to prevent infections (such as HIV, AIDS, and TB) from spreading.

Patient Rights and Confidentiality More Less 1.0 $20.00

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Every year millions of patients are admitted into various hospitals and healthcare institutions for treatment or care purposes in the United States. Besides the right to treatment, patients possess many other rights. This course gives you a basic knowledge of patients' rights and confidentiality. It is vital to understand the rights which a patient possesses, why knowledge and proper information about patients' confidentiality is important, and how they can have an affect on their treatment.

Preventing AIDS and Hepatitis B in the Workplace More Less 1.0 $20.00

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This course attempts to provide basic information about both HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B, how they are contracted and the consequences of contraction. Furthermore, it attempts to bring forward suggestion on how to minimize and prevent exposure to these viruses in the workplace.

Radiation Safety More Less 1.0 $20.00

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Radioactive materials are widely used throughout the health care industry. They may be present in laboratories, radiology departments or in any other place where patients are examined or cared for. Various precautions are needed when using radioactive materials We cannot eliminate radiation from our environment. We can, however, reduce our risks by controlling our exposure to it. Understanding radiation and radioactivity will help you make informed decisions about your exposure.

Vulnerable Adult Care More Less 1.0 $20.00

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This course aims to provide a basic understanding of elder abuse, its growing importance and effects. The course provides a definition of elder abuse, what constitutes abuse and the signs to look for. Finally, it provides various methods for the detection, minimization and prevention of elder abuse.

Working Safety with Hazardous Materials More Less 1.0 $20.00

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Healthcare professionals often have to handle patients who have been exposed to harmful chemicals or hazardous materials. Healthcare personnel usually do not receive proper training for using personal protective equipment (PPE) and are not made aware of the decontamination procedures that they must employ in order to handle such patients safely. In this course we will discuss how to identify and know the risks involved with hazardous materials along with the protective measures that must be followed by all healthcare personnel in order to safely handle hazardous material incidents.

Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Industry More Less 1.0 $20.00

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Due to the number of people and the circumstances the workers deal with, the healthcare industry is one of the most likely places for an employee to become a victim of workplace violence. This course covers information about violence in the healthcare industry and provides guidelines with regard to preventive measures. This course will prove helpful for those who are directly or indirectly involved with healthcare industry.