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Learning Management System (LMS)

Create, manage and track your entire organization's safety training program with a few mouse clicks. Our fully hosted Learning Management System (LMS.360) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS.360) platforms provide an integrated, single sign-on solution for managing learning and content across your entire organization.

Create and Manage Your Companies Entire Training Plan

Create custom reports with our corporate Learning Managment System

Customize LMS.360 with a course catalog by choosing from over 200 Environmental Safety & Health online titles. Gain a centralized view of learning and training activities by tracking user progress, monitoring course completions, setting learning deadlines and reminders and much more. Access over 40 canned reports or create your own via a custom report builder to measure organizational competency, corporate compliance and training ROI.

Track and Monitor Employee Progress

Enroll and track students with our corporate Learning Managemanet System

Author, publish and track your own e-learning content using our LCMS.360 application which is optimized to work in conjunction with LMS.360. Rapidly author and publish SCORM compliant e-learning modules via simple web links or assemble a comprehensive e-learning course using your audio, video, text, HTML or animation assets through an intuitive interface.

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